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Technical Translations by Intermundos

Do you need an agency that delivers reliable all-round technical translation services? Then look no further because Intermundos has been specialising in localising specialist technical texts since 1997.

Intermundos possesses many years of experience from working with companies in the manufacturing sector, i.e. automotive companies, producers of plants and machines, consumer-goods businesses and medical-engineering firms

Intermundos is able to deliver translations and DTP services for all kinds of specialist technical translations, e.g.

  • Technical documentation
  • Service manuals
  • Operating and assembly manuals
  • Quality-management documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Specifications

From English to Russian, from Arabic to Chinese: Experienced native speakers, frequently with additional qualifications, reliably ensure that you may benefit from top-class translations into more than 40 languages. You’ll find a complete list of all the languages into which Intermundos translates here: Languages.

More about technical translations

intermundos’ project-management teams accompany you throughout the entire process: from project analysis and data preparation through the selection of translators and the handling of communications with them in their respective countries to the monitoring of quality, deadlines and punctual delivery. We’re also able to provide comprehensive layout and DTP services for your documents.

The translators at intermundos translate exclusively into their respective native tongues. Their qualifications have been carefully checked and they’ve been selected for their language and technical skills. Many possess additional qualifications, e.g. technical training and engineering diplomas.

intermundos’ high demands on the quality of its translations are implemented rigorously: the quality-management system at intermundos GmbH has been certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 by the TÜV Süd association (please refer to Quality more information). intermundos employs the appropriate technology to ensure that your corporate wording and terminology is used consistently and remains uniform throughout all your documents.

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Intermundos – Translation Services for You

In global markets, the right words often decide the success of products and services. Intermundos will find these words for you – in over 40 languages.

As a Germany-based language-service provider, Intermundos has specialised particularly in supplying technical translations to manufacturing industries in Germany and Europe.

Intermundos currently works with more than 50 translators – all native speakers and many with additional degrees in technical or business subjects. What all have in common is their love of language.

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