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The experts at intermundos will translate everything you need to explain your technology to people wherever they are in the world. This is a list of all the languages* that intermundos is able to deliver.

  • Eastern Europe
    • Albanian
    • Bulgarian
    • Estonian
    • Croatian
    • Latvian
    • Slovak
    • Slovenian
    • Czech
    • Ukrainian
    • Hungarian
    • Lithuanian
    • Polish
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Serbian
  • Southern Europe
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Turkish
    • Basque
    • Greek
    • Catalan
    • Macedonian
  • Western Europe
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • Dutch
  • Northern Europe
    • Danish
    • Finnish
    • Swedish
    • Norwegian
  • Asia
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • Hebrew
    • Indonesian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Malaysian
    • Persian
    • Vietnamese
    • Hindi
    • Thai

*Source or target language is German or English. Other language combinations on inquiry.

Looking for a translation into one of these languages? Just write to us now: Simply complete the contact form at the top right and send it off. Or contact us directly per e-mail or by using the telephone number on the right. Our project managers would be happy to hear from you!

DTP Services for Your Documents

Not only will intermundos make sure that your texts are understood everywhere but we will make them look good, too. Our layout experts will typeset your documents in the foreign language in preparation for printing, be it in European languages, languages with non-Latin scripts or scripts that run from right to left. These services will help you ensure that your brochures and catalogues and product packaging are always representative – all over the world.

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Intermundos – Translation Services for You

In global markets, the right words often decide the success of products and services. Intermundos will find these words for you – in over 40 languages.

As a Germany-based language-service provider, Intermundos has specialised particularly in supplying technical translations to manufacturing industries in Germany and Europe.

Intermundos currently works with more than 50 translators – all native speakers and many with additional degrees in technical or business subjects. What all have in common is their love of language.

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